• "Education for Leadership and Development"

Our Service

Class Rooms

We have spacious, well ventilated and well furnished classrooms wit the occupancy of 40 students.

Science Lab

We have well-equipped and updated Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs of international standards.

Hotel Management Lab

We have convenient and well maintained bar and kitchen for the HM practical.

Computer Lab

We have a modern computer lab for the students computer science in Management and Science stream.

Games & Sports

For sound mental and physical development of the students, indoor and outdoor games and sporting events make a tremendous contrubution. So the College promotes Basketball, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton and other indoor and outdoor games. It is usual for victor and loser to emerge in any competition. Competetions are held not to win and lose only, but to learn more things about life in general. We hold regular competitions and tournaments annually.

Seminar Hall

We have furnished meeting hall with AV for faculties,staff,Leadership Development Counselling(LDC) meeting,clubs and Board meetings.

Student Counselling

The College has developed a counselling unit to provide counselling service to its students regarding their physical,psychological,emotional and career concerns.


The College provides transport service within and around Bhaktapur as per the need of the students.

Academic Calender

Seabird publishes a self-contained academic calendar with all important programmes,events,and holidays.A copy of the calendar is handed out to all Seabird students.

Supervision system

One of the real strengths of the Seabird supervision system is it network of close-knit individual support that engages experts.Students will meet them regularly to discuss programmes and curricular activities.All of the students enrolled at Seabird must mandatorily follow the rules and regulations of the institute.


We have cozy cafeteria with varieties of hygienic food as per need of the students.


We have managed hostel facility for both boys and girls according to requirement.


The College has well stocked library with text books,reference books,magazines and new spares.