When my son was diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder (autism), these are the services I wished I could have found
You will always find someone here who will:

30 Minute Free Discovery Call

Meet us and discover more about what we do.

We are passionate about helping you, your child and your family to achieve optimum health and neurodevelopment

Small steps add up to giant leaps forward

Make this your first small step towards building strong foundations for your child and giving them the best possible opportunity to reach their potential


1:1 Consultation Initial (90 minutes)

This is the first step towards building a cohesive strategy and step by step plan to build strong foundations for your child We will review your child’s history, assess where they are currently and discover your neurodevelopmental goals

Based on this, we will formulate an individual plan for how you can begin to make positive changes that can have a lasting impact on your child’s health and neurodevelopment

I can answer any questions you may have, address your concerns for your child in a impactful way and share with you my knowledge of neurodevelopmental disorders.

1:2 Consultation Ongoing (50 minutes)

Ongoing assessment of the individual plan for your child.

We will review your child’s progress, address any challenges you or your child may face and discover concrete steps to keep moving forward and building strong foundations.

Our Intensive Programmes

1.Introduction to Neurodevelopmental Disorders

4 week programme for parents/guardians/care givers with children with neurodevelopmental disorders

Has your child recently been diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder like autism, ADHD, developmental delay, sensory or auditory processing disorder?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to get educated on what this means for you, your child and your family? Then this programme is for you.

In this Course you will:

2. Building Strong Foundations Intensive Programme

 This is the programme I wish I had when my son was diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder 

8 week programme for parents/guardians, care givers or professionals working with children with neurodevelopmental disorders .This programme is completely tailored to fast track you, your child and your family to optimum health and neurodevelopment. It is based on everything we have learned on our own journey with a child diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder, namely autism

Based on the latest scientifically backed information about how to help your child now. Often parents, including me, want to begin with advanced interventions. But I’ve learned that to truly help your child and their neurodevelopment, you need to first focus on building strong foundations. Once you’ve done this, you simply keep building. And there’s no limit.

3. Advanced Level Interventions Intensive Programme

8 week advanced programme for parents/guardians, care givers or professionals working with children with neurodevelopmental disorders For those who have completed the Building Strong Foundations intensive programme, learned how these strategies can benefit their child and are ready to take the next steps.

4. Customised Programmes

Based on consultations with you and assessment of your child, we can build an intensive programme that best meets your needs.

Please contact us for more information.

Other Services

Safe and Sound Protocol

This is an advanced level Auditory Intervention Programme. The Safe and Sound Protocol, or SSP, is a non-invasive application of Polyvagal Theory, based on decades of research and developed by Dr. Stephen Porges. The programme involves listening to music that has been filtered to emphasise the frequencies of the human voice, frequencies that the nervous system perceives as safe.


Signs that the nervous system is tuned to signals of danger are inattention, difficulties regulating emotional state, anxiety, auditory or light sensitivities and social difficulties. The protocol nourishes and awakens the nervous system to better receive, process and respond to the cues and signals from the world around us. This helps the child to learn more easily and consistently feel better regulated in the face of life’s challenges.

Clinically proven to demonstrate significant improvements in emotional control, behavioural organisation and hearing sensitivy and listening in children with autism.

We recommend the programme consist of all three SSP pathways.

For children, we recommend a maximum of 20 minutes listening per day.

We will work with you to incorporate this into your child’s schedule.

**Please note this is included in our Advanced Interventions Programme